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Just My Luck

Broman, Clive

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Clive Broman's memoir describes a family history that is very much a part the history of Australia in the 20th century. Born in 1950, he is the classic baby boomer whose life connects to a 19th century past and a 21st century future. The family history touches on colonisation, convicts and tough times, as well as both world wars. He manages to link that history to his experience working with First Nations people and ultimately to the privileged country Australia has become. The author has great faith and belief in humankind, and the love and respect he demonstrates to the women in his life reflects this. There is fun and love and sadness in the book, as there is in most lives, but for Clive, 'good luck' is the barometer of his existence, despite the grim reality of serious lung cancer. This story is a positive experience with some genuine laughs and important insights about a life well lived.

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