JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 5--Golden Wind, Vol. 4-9781974724123

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 5--Golden Wind, Vol. 4

Araki, Hirohiko

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A multigenerational tale of the heroic Joestar family and their never-ending battle against evil!The legendary Shonen Jump series is now available in deluxe hardcover editions featuring color pages! JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a groundbreaking manga famous for its outlandish characters, wild humor and frenetic battles. The high-speed conflict continues! The express train is zooming its way to Florence, and the squad is hanging on for dear life-literally! They're under siege by their foes, desperate to protect their charge, and facing an all-new enemy Stand. The stakes have never been as high as this, and to make matters worse, escaping the train doesn't mean they've escaped the danger!

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