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It's All About Teddy

Darkin-Miller, Lee

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TC is a hapless, middle-aged widower desperate to find his green-eyed angel. One day, he stumbles upon a lead, but after an unfortunate misunderstanding and an accidental death involving cutlery, he is sent on an ever-spiralling descent into the criminal underworld. His search leads him to an elusive cult called The Lodge, and a twist of fate has him cross paths with a pair of vigilante siblings who believe The Lodge are involved in the proliferation of a new, dangerous street drug called Fudge. A rather traumatic introduction to raids and looting leads TC to earn the trust of a Lodge member, but the situation heads south when a powdery brick of Fudge finds its way into his possession and he ends up on the wrong side of one of the most dangerous criminals in town: Dexter. With the stakes being raised higher and higher, and their very lives hanging in the balance, TC must take down Dexter and his drug syndicate or risk losing his green-eyed angel forever.

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