Invaders of the Rokujouma!? Collector's Edition 11-9781718308404

Invaders of the Rokujouma!? Collector's Edition 11


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Contains the Complete Volumes 32-35A Different Kind of InvasionNow that Koutarou and company are third-years, so much has changed. They've added some new faces to their group over the past two years, which will make it extra fun to revisit things like the inter-club obstacle marathon during the sports festival. In a collection of side stories: Kiriha and Elfaria get their gamble on, the story of how Yurika and Nana met, and a surprise date with Maki and Kiriha. Then, the main feature: a very special Clan episode!Now that Koutarou and company know Ralgwin and the last of Vandarion's faction are holding out on Earth, they'll have to dig deep for a new fight on the home front. New threats lurk in the shadows, especially with a mysterious assassin after Ruth. Koutarou and company have run Ralgwin out of the underground, but they know he'll keep coming back as long as he still has a hold on Earth. With help from a new Forthorthian princess, they mount an offensive to put Vandarion's coup to bed for good.

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