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I'm Not Meat Vol. 3

I'm Not Meat Vol. 3

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But before he can work up the courage to be honest with her, a new beast wants to sink her teeth into him. Ruka's a charismatic young actress. Her sights are set on Kunio. Will he be cornered and devoured? And will this get in the way of him and Azumi?Series Overview: Usahara Kunio is a handsome copywriter at an ad agency with a bright future ahead of him. But he has a terrible secret: he is afraid of women. Whenever a woman makes a move on him, he can only see an apex predator. Weddings, restaurants, and even work aren't safe. Unfortunately, he is working on a new ad campaign for a dating app. He needs to get more familiar with the world of sex and romance. It will take all his cunning and wildlife knowledge to not get torn apart. Can he survive? A tale filled with desire both carnivorous and carnal!




Author/s: Ito, Ikkado

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