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I am Edison : What's in a Name?

I am Edison : What's in a Name?

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When Edison Maksim Nathaniel Vincent got up that morning, he never expected to get this lost. Sure, when you're a new kid, you get lost, but as he wanders ever deeper into the woods, he soon realises this is no ordinary forest and things he'd never imagined were possible are all too real - and maybe even deadly. He takes the logical path and decides to keep going in a straight line, hoping he may come across something or someone that may help. And he does, but not in the way he thought! Edison has never given any real thought to what his names mean, but as he walks through the forest, the Great Oak, the Winged Lion, the Winged Ox and an Angel all reveal that his names carry special meanings that will propel him into success, greatness and prosperity. However, when he succumbs to the temptations of the Serpent, who will rescue him from its evil coils? Who will make the sacrifice required and will he ever really learn who he truly is?Perfect for ages 8 - 12, this coming of age fantasy helps show young readers who can't see the forest for the trees that growing up is an adventure all its own.




Author/s: Webster, David

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