Honest Broker : A Biography of Antonio Guterres-9781787387126

Honest Broker : A Biography of Antonio Guterres

Latoeiro, Pedro

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Based on exclusive interviews with the United Nations Secretary-General himself, this is the first book to explain how Antonio Guterres thinks and operates, in an era of renewed great power competition and rising nationalism. The UN leader was re-elected for a second term starting in 2022; yet, after five years in the job, Guterres' discreet diplomacy continues to intrigue even politicians, diplomats and analysts. 'Honest Broker' introduces a world leader to the world public, revealing Guterres' profound religion convictions, and his views on issues as wide-ranging as women's rights, gay rights, global terrorism and the political influence of social media. Pedro Latoeiro and Filipe Domingues tell the story of an extraordinary life, from Guterres' long association with the Clintons, and the mistakes and defeats that led to his resignation as Portuguese prime minister; to his decade advocating for the world's most vulnerable as UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and the diplomatic plotting to sabotage his candidacy for the top job. Through over 120 interviews about Guterres' life and career before he became Secretary-General, speaking with several former heads of state or government and senior UN officials, the authors help us understand what can be expected from the head of the United Nations as he confronts the challenges of the 2020s.