GUNBURED x SISTERS Vol. 3-9781638587408


Mitogawa, Wataru

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The pureblood that Dorothy and Maria encountered spoke of another half-vampire, offering an invaluable clue to Maria's sister's whereabouts! But this turns out to be a short-lived victory for the pair, whose relationship runs into its first major roadblock over Dorothy's treatment of Shannon. Will they be able to reconcile their differences?Series Overview: In a decaying gothic city, warrior nun Dorothy is tasked with hunting down and slaughtering supernatural creatures. A member of the elite Crimson Sisters, she seeks to rid the city of the vampire population that plagues it. One fateful night, she encounters a wounded woman, Maria, only to discover that she has fangs and a strange parentage. Dorothy offers the half-vampire her best and only chance at survival: become my pet. Together, Dorothy and Maria will dive into the secrets at the heart of the vampire scourge that threatens to overwhelm their home.

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