Woodruff, Joan

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Poppy is a fun-loving young seagull whose carefree life is suddenly changed when another gull's head gets trapped in a piece of plastic rubbish that was floating in the sea. Horrified, she decides she has to do something to stop plastic pollution. But even with the help of her resourceful gang, the Grabbos, she soon realises that they can't do it alone because of the sheer scale of the problem. As they watch Poppy's one human friend, a little girl, the gulls come to see that some plastic things are useful. But they are shocked that so much of it is thrown away and ends up in the world's oceans. They figure that humans are making far too much plastic, and that they must hatch a plan to try and temporarily shut down plastic-producing factories. But what about the crows, the gulls' sworn enemies? They are going to be a problem, especially as they love to hoard bits of plastic rubbish. Poppy has to be brave and face up to the crows. Can she convince them to help her and the Grabbos? And if so, what kind of ingenious plan can they come up with to tackle this world problem?Ideal for ages 6 - 8, this charming book has an important message for our younger generation who will inherit the world we leave behind.

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