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Get the Damn Story : Homer Bigart and the Great Age of American Newspapers

Get the Damn Story : Homer Bigart and the Great Age of American Newspapers

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The captivating story of an influential journalist demonstrates the value of a free press to democratic societyIn the decades between the Great Depression and the advent of cable television, when daily newspapers set the conversational agenda in the United States, the best reporter in the business was a rumpled, hard-drinking figure named Homer Bigart. Despite two Pulitzers and a host of other prizes, he quickly faded from public view after retirement. Few today know the extent to which he was esteemed by his peers. Get the Damn Story is the first comprehensive biography to encompass all of Bigart�_Ts journalism, including both his war reporting and coverage of domestic events. Writing for the New York Herald Tribune and the New York Times, Bigart brought to life many events that defined the era�_"the wars in Europe, the Pacific, Korea, and Vietnam; the civil rights movement; the creation of Israel; the end of colonialism in Africa; and the Cuban Revolution. The news media�_Ts collective credibility may have diminished in the age of Twitter, but Bigart�_Ts career demonstrates the value to a democratic society of a relentless, inquiring mind examining its institutions and the people who run them. The principle remains the same today: the truth matters. Historians and journalists alike will find Bigart�_Ts story well worth reading.




Author/s: Lippman, Thomas W.

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