Genius Kid's Guide to Pro Baseball-9781952455087

Genius Kid's Guide to Pro Baseball

Flynn, Brendan

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Legendary players and teams have been putting on a show for Major League Baseball fans for more than a century. Before stars like Mike Trout and Jacob deGrom dominated the diamond, fans were cheering on Babe Ruth's historic home runs or the unhittable pitching of Bob Gibson and Pedro Martinez. This guide covers them all, taking readers into the superstar players, the dominant dynasties, and the thrilling games that have made MLB into the exciting league it is today. Accessible chapters detail the history of the league and each team, including its history and key players. Stand-alone bios introduce baseball's all-time great players. Combined with action-packed photos, some of the sport's most essential stats and records, and plenty of trivia, this book has everything readers want to know about their favorite MLB athletes and teams--plus plenty of info they can use to impress their friends. This all-encompassing resource is a must-have for any young reader who wants to be a GENIUS KID!

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