Friends and Heroes: The Nativity Story-9781781284162

Friends and Heroes: The Nativity Story

Lock, Deborah

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The life-changing events of the first Christmas are faithfully retold in this storybook from the Friends and Heroes collection of stories from the Bible. The Nativity story shares the humble beginnings of God's promised king that is surrounded with awe and wonder: angels praising, joyful shepherds, and wise men from afar coming to worship. With Bible references, the significant details are retold verse by verse so that children can engage and be inspired with the powerful message of the birth of God's son, Jesus. Illustrations of the Bible stories are taken from the epic animated Friends and Heroes videos for 6-10 year olds that brings the inspiring stories of the Old and New Testament to a new, worldwide generation of children in the twenty-first century, whatever their faith or background.