First Citizen : The Industrious Life of Joseph G. Butler, Jr.-9781476690407

First Citizen : The Industrious Life of Joseph G. Butler, Jr.

Jr., Joseph Lambert,

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In 1919, the doors of Youngstown's Butler Institute of American Art were opened for the first time. Dubbed "the lighthouse of culture", both the beautiful marble museum and the artwork inside were the gift of 19th-century industrialist Joseph G. Butler, Jr. in what was the crowning achievement of a long and industrious life. From a young age, Butler earned his successes with hard work, a competitive spirit and business savvy. He used these attributes to earn a fortune in the iron and steel industry that was crowded by such figures as Andrew Carnegie, Henry Frick and Charles Schwab. During his successful business career, Butler also took on politicians, promoted American interests, preserved American history and spearheaded projects to improve his community. To friends and admirers, he was affectionately referred to as "Uncle Joe." This full-length biography chronicles Butler's early life through his impactful career in the iron and steel industry, detailing his contributions to the art world, his philanthropic endeavors and his accomplishments as an author and historian.

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