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Eighth Moon Bridge

Eighth Moon Bridge

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Embark on an enchanting odyssey with The Eight Moon over Rubh' na h-Achlais leis na bord dubh by award-winning writer Angus Peter Campbell. This captivating tale unfolds on a picturesque Scottish island, introducing you to Jack whose journey takes an unexpected turn. Venture south as he temporarily leaves the highlands behind, enticed by the allure of southern comforts. However, the call of his roots is undeniable, prompting him to return on a quest that will shape not only the landscape but also his own identity. Mystery unfolds around a hidden treasure in his homeland, with twists that will keep any reader on their toes. Discover the importance of highland connections, as the narrative weaves a rich tapestry of heritage, identity and the enduring bonds that tie us to our roots. The Eight Moon over Rubh' na h-Achlais leis na bord dubh is a poignant exploration of the human spirit and the significance of preserving one's cultural ties.




Author/s: Campbell, Angus Peter

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