Do You Follow? : A Thriller-9781626349025

Do You Follow? : A Thriller

Bidonde, J C

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When she secures a marketing job in New York, Alexa has high hopes. But her newfound freedom from living at home with her father is cut short when her estranged twin sister Beth shows up at the doorstep of her tiny apartment, after a long stint in a psychiatric setting. Alexa too has spent time at the Weinstein Center, and as the reader is slowly clued in on why she was sent there in the first place, the suspense in author Jessica Bidonde's thriller, Killer Content, deepens. As questions mount and secrets unfold, revealing the dark shared history of the sisters, the page-turner picks up speed. How is it that Alexa has kept the dark secret of their mother's death at the hands of her sister Beth? What secrets lie in Alexa's past that would compel her to cover up the truth with the story of suicide? Or was the murder really a suicide, after all? Things get more complicated when Alexa's new boyfriend, Curt, moves in. When "Beth" kills Curt upon his discovery of Alexa's journal, readers learn that Beth isn't Beth at all, but Alexa's split personality. Alexa has in fact killed her twin as a child, and for that reason was never convicted. Now, the emotional turmoil and trauma has finally caught up with her. Curt certainly isn't innocent either, yet he is also a victim of social media. A compelling revolving point-of-view, shifting between the two sisters, slowly reveals each side of the story, until the story becomes one-a fascinating plot construction in Jessica Bidonde's debut novel.

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