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Dahlia and Carys

Dahlia and Carys

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Dahlia and Carys' tells the intriguing story of forbidden love and a woman's heart-breaking struggle to reconcile her fragmented cultural and gender identities despite family schisms. Dahlia finds herself plagued with flashbacks of not intervening in her schoolfriend Yasmine's kidnapping by ISIS in Iraq. Back in London, her brother Elias is showing perilous signs of affiliation with terrorists. All the while, Dahlia is slowly opening up to a captivating new presence in London: Carys. She begins to find solace in their relationship of love and trust. Yet Dahlia feels that she cannot truly move on with her life until she returns to Iraq, the place wrought with guilt. Will Carys join her on this dangerous journey to find Yasmine?




Author/s: Salih, Hastie

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