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Cuban Colossus of Olympus in a Century

Cuban Colossus of Olympus in a Century

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Throughout a century, there have been innumerable exploits starring Cuban athletes all around the world and in all kinds of events, but they are much more remarkable when they have been achieved in the maximum expression of the sport; the Olympic Games of the modern era, which began in the distant year 1896. This volume only intends to highlight in a biographical, chronological, and well-synthesized way, mainly emphasizing the sporting aspect above all else, to those figures of the Greater Antilles who put their country very high by embracing the Olympic glory. In this compilation, presented in alphabetical order, only the Cuban Olympic champions appear from the Olympic Games in Paris 1904 to the Olympic Games in Athens 2004. Forty-two glories of the Cuban sport have been compiled that achieved a gold medal in these great four-year competitions only in individual sports, some of them more than once.




Author/s: Campuzano, Armando

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