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Critical But Stable

Makholwa, Angela

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A thrilling story of wealth, power and the true cost of 'having it all'. Because sometimes the price of the perfect death. In cosmopolitan Johannesburg, three high-flying couples form the core of the elite Khula Society: part investment group, part social club, with meetings where the champagne flows, the dresses are designer and the one-upmanship is off the scale. Noma, Moshidi, Lerato and their husbands are living the dream-or so it appears from the outside. In reality, the cut and thrust of 'keeping up with the Khulas' is taking its toll on all three couples. Behind the facade of their ocean-front mansions, Italian supercars and lavishly catered receptions lies a tangle of explosive secrets-and deadly consequences. But as long as every member toes the line, plays the role they're here to play, the dark truth remains crushed beneath the heels of so many Louboutins... That is until, in her bid to have it all and more, one of these rich and powerful women oversteps the mark-with someone else's man. The group soon comes to learn that you can't have it all without paying the ultimate price... Revised edition: Previously published as Critical But, Stable, this edition of Critical But Stable includes editorial revisions.

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