Crazy Food Truck, Vol. 2-9781974730124

Crazy Food Truck, Vol. 2

Ogaki, Rokurou

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Zero customers, a naked young lady, and an armed militia-it's just another postapocalyptic day for this food truck owner!The owner of a food truck in a postapocalyptic world nearly runs over a naked girl sleeping in the middle of the desert. When he gives her a lift, he inadvertently takes on her baggage too-an armed militia hot on her trail...and her even more problematic appetite. If one doesn't take him out, the other surely will!Gordon, a middle-aged cook, and Arisa, his wild-woman companion, are still freewheeling their way through the desert on their food truck journey. Fueled by good grub, it's a sauna for the soul. Meanwhile, Gordon's former subordinate Kyle finds himself a new companion of his own-Arisa's younger sister Myna! It's time to put the pedal to the metal on this crazy food truck road trip!

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