Closing In : A page-turning festive thriller-9781529370430

Closing In : A page-turning festive thriller

Thompson, E.D.

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Caroline has a good life - a job she likes, a daughter she'd do anything for. In the midst of the Christmas rush, covering events and parties, the local journalist is looking forward to the holidays and having some quality time with the ones she loves. But Caroline's good life is not her only life. When, out of the blue, she spots a frighteningly familiar figure in the crowd - a man she hasn't laid eyes on in more than twenty years - she is jolted shockingly back to a secret past she'd hoped she'd put behind her forever. As Christmas nudges closer and alarming events unfold, she feels him closing in on her. Caroline must come up with a plan to keep this man away from her family. But just how far will one woman go to protect a good life? And just how far will one man go to destroy it?

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