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Circle Dance

Courtenay, Anthea

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Too nice for her own good, and haunted by a painful childhood, Miranda is looking for her life's purpose, and for romantic love. It's London in the 1970s and New Age activities are flourishing. As she throws herself into self-development workshops, Miranda is befriended by clairvoyant healer Cassie, who predicts a happy future. But when she joins a creative writing class run by the promiscuous and manipulative Jocasta, Miranda is drawn into a love affair with Julian, a talented but hypersensitive poet. Any brief happiness is shattered when he betrays her when she needs him most. This is just the start of a dance between Miranda, Julian, and Jocasta that Miranda struggles to understand. Why are two intelligent women so drawn to this difficult and self-centered man? How will her part in this trio help her to meet her destiny? With Cassie's help, and a little assistance from the supernatural, Miranda's journey of self-discovery reveals unexpected answers and leads to her finding her own purpose and power.

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