Change World, Vol. 1-9781974726103

Change World, Vol. 1

Minaduki, Yuu

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A longtime crush has blossomed into a dream relationship in this Sayonara Game sequel, until a ghost from the past suddenly appears. Ever since Yosuke confessed his long-held feelings for Arimura, his life with his new boyfriend has been a dream. But when a work colleague and former college classmate enters the scene, his dream relationship faces its first threat. Yosuke had a crush on Arimura- an upperclassman from his high school baseball team-for years before he finally confessed his feelings. And even after a year of being his boyfriend, every day still feels like a dream. But after Yosuke is hit on by a work colleague who he doesn't realize is Arimura's former college upperclassman, the subsequent reunion of Arimura and his classmate casts a shadow over Yosuke's dream relationship.

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