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Cat Ninja Box Set: Books 1-3

Cat Ninja Box Set: Books 1-3

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Dive whiskers-first into the hit graphic novel series about a new breed of superhero! In this action-packed box set, join Cat Ninja and his friends as he faces a variety of challenges, from scheming villains to babysitting and boredom. Raised from a kitten by a kindly old ninja master, Claude now spends his days as the pampered house cat of an eleven-year-old boy. But when trouble arises, he dons his mask and springs into action as Cat Ninja-Metro City's secret protector! Follow Cat Ninja, Master Hamster, and a colourful cast of friends and foes in volumes 1-3 of the Kirkus-starred series:Book 1: Cat Ninja Follow our feline hero's early exploits as he tries to keep his secret identity under wraps while thwarting the evil plans of slimy crooks, rampaging robots, and a certain rodent nemesis who lives under the same roof!Book 2: Time Heist When Leon brings a mystery egg home from school, Cat Ninja and Master Hamster face their biggest challenge yet: babysitting! And while they're pretty sure they can keep an egg out of trouble, they know they're in over their heads when that egg hatches into a high-energy ball of feathers and cuteness. It's baby's first superhero adventure when they decide to bring their newest family member along as they uncover the identity-and nefarious motives-of Metro City's latest foe. Book 3: Wanted Metro City's favourites and newcomers share the spotlight in tales that include a nearly cat-astrophic case of stolen identity, the not-so-villainous adventures of Master Hamster, and Adonis's first mission as one of the good guys. Enjoy six hilarious, stand-alone stories, plus a five-part Cat Ninja special miniseries!




Author/s: Cody, Matthew

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