Carnival Blues-9781542023610

Carnival Blues

Boyd, Damien

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Carnival season is off to an explosive start in this thriller from the bestselling DI Nick Dixon crime series. Detective Chief Inspector Nick Dixon arrives late for Bridgwater's winter carnival. He's come to see the squibbing, the traditional firework display that brings the town's November festivities to a dramatic close. But when the squib of Avalon Carnival Club president Richard Webb is lit, it explodes, engulfing him in flames. Dixon knows he's just witnessed a killer making a very public statement. And he can't help feeling it's only the beginning. After his suspicions are confirmed at the Burnham-on-Sea carnival forty-eight hours later, the race is on to find the killer before the next event in a nearby town. Can Dixon stop the killings before any more lives are lost? And can he do it with police Professional Standards investigators breathing down his neck?

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