But Why?-9780648872382

But Why?

Pulsford, Elizabeth

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A visually stunning adventure story for every curious child who has ever asked the time-honoured question: "why?"This story is inspired by the boundless curiosity of children and dedicated to every parent whose mornings and nights are backing-tracked by the dulcet tones of "Why?" "But why?" "But Why?" "But why?" It follows Hazel Hare as she travels throughout the forest and implores her friends to help in her search for answers to some of life's most challenging questions. What she discovers is truly illuminating. Visually stunning and poetically masterful, But Why? appeals to the boundless curiosity of young minds, whilst also captivating them through the most incredible artwork. A worthy bedtime story for the littlest of tots, or an imagination-fuelling mini-narrative even for your 10 year-old, this picture book has truly diverse appeal.

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