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Brexit Opportunities : A Novel

Brexit Opportunities : A Novel

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Paul Torce, Memoirs Vol. 1: Brexit Opportunities. "There are plenty of opportunities to be had from the Brexit, if you know how to spot them."Take it from Paul Torce, American Patriot, and Senior Partner in the hugely successful global consulting phenomenon known, to a select and extremely wealthy few, as Morgan-Torce Associates,Paul sees opportunities everywhere. It's the secret of his humungous success. The Brexit was obviously going to have opportunities coming out of its ears. All Paul had to do was to be in exactly the right place at precisely the opportune moment and spot them before anyone else did. This, the first volume of Paul's riveting memoirs, traces some of his movements around London, Brussels, Washington DC and Moscow between June 2016 and September 2017, a period so filled with opportunities he could hardly keep pace with them. From the selection of the new Prime Minister through the negotiating quagmire of the Exit talks to the General Election of June 2017, Paul's influence was both invisible and characteristically decisive. Of course, things don't always go to plan, even if you're Paul Torce. There's his loyal but gaffe-prone business partner, Charles, to contend with; and there are the occasional moments when he feels the political sands shift beneath his feet, and fears he's been hung out to dry. But on the whole, Paul has the Brexit opportunities market pretty well sewn up, subject to one piece of wisdom he acquired during those tumultuous months. The world is an increasingly volatile place, in which nothing can be taken for granted.




Author/s: Wilkinson, A E

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