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Berezina Book 3/3

Berezina Book 3/3

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September 1812. Napoleon is master of Europe, and strikes at Russia with 600,000 men. He enters Moscow with no resistance, a conqueror at the height of his glory... and everything crumbles. The last volume of a trilogy. The terrible Russian winter has engulfed the retreat, and the Grande Armee is no more. Mercilessly harassed by the fierce Cossacks, a few thousand men only continue to trudge forward, weak, starving, emaciated, leaving a trail of frozen dead behind. And as Russian regular forces prepare to surround and trap them, the weather suddenly turns warmer, making rivers impassable. To escape, they will have to somehow cross a river whose name would soon become synonymous with tragedy: the Berezina... Ages 15+




Author/s: Richaud, Frederic

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