Believe Me Not : A compulsive and totally unputdownable edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller-9781472291721

Believe Me Not : A compulsive and totally unputdownable edge-of-your-seat psychological thriller

Chandler, Natalie

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'This was a FANTASTIC book, I will not forget this one for a loooooooooong time and if ever . . . a MUST READ!' Real Reader 'I SWALLOWED THIS BOOK WHOLE. Devoured it. Could not put it down . . . fast paced, twisty and kept me guessing' Real Reader 'ENGROSSING. I couldn't believe that i was reading a debut novel' Real Reader 'What an awesome fast-paced popcorn thriller!! This would be a REALLY good tv series' Real Reader 'An unputdownable thriller with nonstop twists and turns' Real Reader THEY SAY YOUR BABY DOESN'T EXIST. BUT YOU KNOW HE DOES. DON'T YOU?_______WHAT IF EVERYONE YOU LOVE IS LYING TO YOU?When Megan wakes up in a hospital bed, her first question is: where's my baby?But her husband, her sister and her doctor say he doesn't exist. Megan's not in a maternity ward, she's in a psychiatric unit. Convinced that they're lying to her, Megan is determined to find out the truth. But how can you prove your baby exists when you can't trust your own memories?An utterly chilling psychological thriller with a heart-stopping twist. You'll love this if you enjoyed THE PERFECT FATHER, THE RECOVERY OF ROSE GOLD or PLAYING NICE. _______Readers LOVE Believe Me Not!'Compelling and tightly plotted, the story twists relentlessly. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough.' DEBBIE HOWELLS'An impressive debut with an original premise. A story of long hidden secrets, when past trauma forces loved ones to do the unthinkable. I found it utterly compelling.' EMILY FREUD'A fast-paced and gripping thriller that you'll find hard to put down. I loved it.' SOPHIE FLYNN'A gripping, frightening, knotty mystery.'ELLE CONNEL'The unfolding twists kept me on the edge until the end'STACEY THOMAS

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