Bat, Ball and Field : The Elements of Cricket-9780008328337

Bat, Ball and Field : The Elements of Cricket

Hotten, Jon

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Bat, Ball and Field is a wonderful foray into the history and culture of cricket. 'Hotten is not just good, he is one of the best' Cricketer Chronicling the evolution of the sport since its earliest years, highlighting transcendent moments as well as tragedies, Jon Hotten lifts the seemingly impregnable veil from the Laws, batting strokes, types of bowling and the sometimes absurd names given to where fielders stand, allowing anyone a pathway into enjoying the sport, and an introductory immersion into its long history. This book is divided into the three parts that make up the fundamental elements of cricket: bat, ball and field. Their harmony produces cricket's unique environment; their centuries' long conflict provides its innovation, adaptability and vast psychological hinterland. These sections unite to map out in a completely original way the story of the sport that began as a country pursuit and is now followed by billions across the world.

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