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Artists in My Life

Randall, Margaret

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Margaret Randall reveals personal stories and profound insights about the artists who most influenced her life. Artists in My Life is a collection of intimate and conversational accounts of the visual artists that have impacted the renowned poet activist Margaret Randall on her own journey as an artist. Randall writes of each relationship through multiple lenses: as makers of art, social commentators, women in a world dominated by male values, and in solitude or collaboration with communities and the larger artistic arena. Each story offers insight into the artist's life and work, and analyses the impact it had on Randall's own work and its impact on the larger art community. The work strives to answer bigger questions about visual art as a whole and its lasting political influence on the world stage. Randalls describes her motivations: "I go beneath the surface, asking questions and telling stories. I have wanted to answer questions such as: Why is it that visual art-drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, architecture-grabs me and, in particular instances, feels as if it changes me at the molecular level? How do art and memory interact? How do reason and intuition come together in art? Do women and men make art differently? Does great art change the viewer? Does it change the artist? How does art travel through time?"

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