Albert Bonnier: His Life and Times-9781786581969

Albert Bonnier: His Life and Times

Ohlsson, Per T.

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I took you because you were the most fearless.' AUGUST STRINDBERG TO ALBERT BONNIER, 1884. In 1835, a fifteen-year-old boy, the son of a Jewish bookseller, arrived in Stockholm from Copenhagen. Two years later, he published his first book. During Albert's time, the winds of change swept across the country: technically, politically, socially, economically - and literary. When he died in 1900, he was the foremost publisher of Swedish fiction, despite the rampant anti-Semitism that existed in the country at the time, publishing such great Swedish writers as August Strindberg. This is the story of Sweden's first modern publisher, unwaveringly guided by the journalistic principle he has made his: publish, do not judge.

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