Advanced Nanocarbon Materials : Applications for Health Care-9780367620547

Advanced Nanocarbon Materials : Applications for Health Care

Verma, Sarika

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This book provides a well-focused and comprehensive overview of the history and background of nanocarbon based materials like carbon nanotubes, graphene, and fullerenes. It discusses their structure, synthesis, properties and modifications for making various advanced materials. The authors focus on their use in the health care sector as therapeutic agents in pharmacy and medicine, in diagnosis and analysis in pharmacy and medicine, as biosensors, gene and drug delivery, cancer therapy, biosensing and bioimaging, go-based antibacterial materials, and as a promising antioxidant and GO-based scaffold for cell culture. The authors also showcase the application potential of advanced nanocarbon based materials by examining the biomedical applications developed via novel advanced designing, in which the technologies will be adopted and the end users can be benefited. Finally the authors discuss the increasing research on carbon based materials, along with the challenges they are currently facing along with possible solutions that may result in the availability of the accessible, reliable and cost-efficient technology. The potential user for this book may be medical practitioners, biologists, pharmacists, and chemists.This book covers in-depth knowledge of processing parameters for making nanocarbon based material for high end applications in the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields.