Jackson, Gillian

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A woman thinks she's found her long-missing sister, but the discovery only leads to more questions in this wrenching thriller by the author of The Deception. Elise McDonald is sure she has just spotted her sister, Grace, in a department store in Leeds. The last time she saw her was fourteen years ago, at Grace's third birthday party, when the children scattered during a game of hide and seek-but Grace never returned from her hiding place. When the girl approaches, she introduces herself as Ruth and chats about her father, a doctor, and the village she grew up in. But Elise believes that Ruth is really Grace-even if she doesn't know it. Elise's family dismisses her theory, claiming that pregnancy is making her hormonal and irrational. But her aunt, at least, is willing to help her investigate-and eventually Jack Priestly, the original detective on the case, is drawn in as well. Is there any chance they can solve a cold case the police had long given up on-or is Elise deluding herself? And if she's right, what really happened on that fateful day?

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