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Abberton House

Ioanna, Debbie

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A family moves into a farmhouse in a quiet English village-but mysterious events a century earlier haunt their new home . . . In 1916, the Great War is underway and Henry has been called up, leaving his wife and three children in their North Yorkshire farmhouse. They keep in touch via letters-but when he returns to Abberton House, his whole family has disappeared. There are whispers of an affair, but Henry refuses to believe it-and spends the rest of his life searching . . . That long-ago mystery is still talked about in the village a hundred years later when Adam and Catherine move into the house with their five-year-old daughter. As they settle in, strange things begin to happen. Little Bella speaks to imaginary friends. Faces are seen in the windows, and footsteps sound from above. As time goes on, Catherine digs deeper into the history of Abberton House and learns of some chilling truths-or are they just rumours? And will Catherine and Adam have to take drastic action to rid the house of the angry spirits before any more damage is done?

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