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A Voice in the Night

Hawthorn, Sarah

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A lawyer gets an unsettling message twenty years after her lover's death on 9/11, in this "fast-paced and emotional page-turner" by the author of The Dilemma (Christian White, bestselling author). At last, I've found you. A shock, I'm sure. But in time, I'll explain. Martin Back in 2001, a young Lucie worked in New York City and was in love with Martin, who promised to leave his wife for her. Then he became one of the many victims of the terrorist attack of September 11. Two decades later, Lucie has just joined the staff of a prestigious London law firm after a bitter separation. However, her attempt at a new start is derailed by a baffling hand-delivered note-signed Martin. Is her vivid imagination playing tricks? Did her long-lost lover have stage his own disappearance under the cover of that fateful day, or could it be that someone else is stalking her? Filled with compelling characters and unsettling plot twists, spanning London, New York, and Sydney, A Voice in the Night is an addictive thriller about one woman's quest to solve a mystery from the past and the thin line between hope and dread. "Masterful pacing and stealthy execution . . . keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing right up until the end." -Julietta Henderson, author of The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman "An eerie and riveting story." -Lynn Hightower, author of Alien Blues "A tightly crafted, clever thriller." -Sarah Clutton, author of The Daughter's Promise

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