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A River Runs Through Me : A Life of Salmon Fishing in Scotland

A River Runs Through Me : A Life of Salmon Fishing in Scotland

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It is a love letter not just to the river, but to the rhythms of family life by its banks. Warm, witty, and in parts, deeply moving' SCOTTISH DAILY MAIL An evocative account of one man's life spent fishing on arguably the world's best salmon river: a story of family, tradition and the Scottish countryside. Against the shifting moods and seasons of Scotland's River Tweed, A River Runs Through Me tells the story of a lifelong relationship with one of its most iconic denizens: the Atlantic salmon. Through vivid vignettes and family memories, Andrew Douglas-Home spins a homely yet dryly witty narrative, placing this unique fish and river at its heart. Woven into the decades, amid youthful adventure and memorable catches, are stories too of one of Scotland's oldest families - tales of politics, friendship and stewardship of the natural world. This poignant and thoughtful book looks back at age-old practices and traditions but also forward to what we must do to secure the future of the Atlantic salmon and their rivers. It is the perfect companion for any angling enthusiast. 'The perfect fishing companion ... his book is a delight.' JEREMY PAXMAN 'Andrew Douglas-Home and his family are inseparably identified with Tweed, perhaps the most glorious river in Britain, in which its salmon contribute mightily to its beauty. No one is better qualified than the author to write about fishing, wildlife and the wondrous flow of sparkling water across the Borders.' SIR MAX HASTINGS 'An absolute delight... [Andrew Douglas-Home] is a born writer... A River Runs Through Me is unlike any other fishing book I know.' TOM FORT 'Delivered in more than 50 short, shard-like chapters, [A River Runs Through Me] is considerably more than the sum of its parts... The joie de vivre that this nicely idiosyncratic book exudes makes it memorable.' David Profumo, Country Life




Author/s: Douglas-Home, Andrew

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