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A Pangolin Slept on Buddha's Lap

A Pangolin Slept on Buddha's Lap

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A captivating tale about the wonders of wildlife and the trials of conservation. Wolf Vandengetz has the ideal post for an adventurous scientist, researching prides of lions. Then he gets a promotion. With a heavy heart, he leaves his fieldwork in the Serengeti to administer a program to save endangered pangolins in Nepal. As a scientist, he's accustomed to solving complex ecosystem mysteries but ill-equipped to tackle the politics of donation-hungry NGOs, the tragic consequences of conservation strategies gone wrong or the greed driving pangolins to extinction. On a mission beset with unpredictable twists, he stumbles into a hornet's nest of corruption and is framed by poachers. What follows is a story about nature, the evils rooted in human nature and the dignity that inspires transcendence. The novel journeys to the front lines of conservation but the fate of the endangered pangolin is everyone's fate; we are all victims of near-sighted environmental policies.




Author/s: Dale, Madeleine

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