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A Memoir In 65 Postcards & The Recovery Diaries

A Memoir In 65 Postcards & The Recovery Diaries

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Inspired by Julia Cameron's classic The Artist's Way, Eleanor set out on a project to write every morning, and crucially, to publish it on Substack that same morning; a commitment to press the button as soon as she'd finished, and before she had time to regret it. She set rules: she'd do no forward planning, she'd tell whatever story came to mind, the writing would take no longer than an hour, the reading of it, no longer than a minute. What came was A Memoir In 65 Postcards, the personal story that had been knocking about her system for well over twenty years. Questions were answered, and a puzzle was put together. Using the same rules of engagement, its follow up, The Recovery Diaries, became a deeper exploration of what emerged and how she is now. With humour and honesty, from a pagan commune to sobriety, this collection of essays and stories form a unique exploration of wealth, survival, the questions that haunt us, and what makes us human. It's you and me. It's where our worlds collide.




Author/s: Anstruther, Eleanor

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