The story of Wanstead Bookshop

Hello there - thanks for coming to Wanstead Bookshop. Let me tell you something about this venture.

I've lived in Wanstead for nearly 15 years, and as my family has grown up here, I've seen it change –  in many ways for the better. There's more to do for families, there's a greater sense of community, and thankfully our beloved High Street is thriving when so many places have struggled.

I'm one of the people who set up and run the Wanstead Fringe each September, so I know there is an appetite for cultural events and activities here.

And yet it's many years since there was a bookshop here. Well before my time there used to be a shop called Vane's on Cambridge Park, and another called Dan's where Daisy the florist is now. They are long gone.

It's no secret that bookshops have struggled almost everywhere – but that's not because people have stopped buying books.  The combination on the one side of high rents and rates and on the other side of competition from Amazon makes the economics of bookshops almost impossible. 

So we're using the internet to fight back. 

Working through online ordering means we can keep our overheads low AND offer you a wider range of books than we would be able to offer if we had a shop on the High Street.

And through running local events and supporting good causes like primary school PTAs and the Wanstead Community Gardeners, we can play a full part in community life.

So how can you support us? Easy.

1. Read lots. And buy your books from us.

2. Ask us to get a book if you can't see what you want. 

3. Sign up for our newsletter, or follow us on Instagram or Twitter.

Thank you for your support!